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ten_christina's Journal

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A community for all aspects of ten and christina from doctor who's 'planet of the dead'

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This is a community for those liking the combination of Ten and Lady Christina De Souza from the BBC 'Doctor Who' episode 'Planet of the Dead' ツ

Please feel free to express your appreciation of all aspects of this interesting 'couple', as both friends or as something more, by sharing Fanfiction, Icons, Screencaps, Fanart, Discussions, Fanmixes - whatever you wish.

If you have any questions/enquires concerning this community please contact a mod here

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Community Rules and Guidelines

1. First and foremost HAVE FUN!!
2. No flaming or bashing of any kind, towards any member, fandom or fictional or real life person(s) will be tolerated.
3. No shipping wars
4. All spoilers and references to spoilers please put under a cut.
5. No rumors or gossip about the actors or their real lives please.
6. Big posts should be behind a cut.
7. Can icon posts please contain only between one-three teasers, the rest should be linked to an LJ or/and under the cut.
8. Fan fiction should be clearly marked up as something like:
Title: Call it something
Author: Your name/screen name
Disclaimer: What you do or do not own
Rating: PG - NC-17 (all ratings allowed here)
Characters/Pairings: Who's in it etc ...
Word Count: Words used
Warnings: Violence, Spoilers, etc ...
Summary: Give a description of what the story is about

(The rest of the fiction should be placed under a cut or linked to another site or journal entry.)
Crossovers are allowed
9. Pic-Spams or other images one cap minium, rest should be behind a cut/or linked to another LJ

(there, the boring bit over)

Many thanks and happy posting

if you wish to affiliate with this community just leave a comment here


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